Part XIIA – Vulnerable Adults Act

71A. Applications under Vulnerable Adults Act

71B. Forms to be filed

71C. Application for Court Records

71D. Pre-hearing matters

71A. Applications under Vulnerable Adults Act

(1) The directions in this Part apply to any proceedings or applications filed under the Vulnerable Adults Act.

(2) Unless otherwise directed by the Registrar, all applications made under the Vulnerable Adults Act shall be electronically filed through IFAMS. The relevant directions in Part VIIA of these Practice Directions shall apply.

(a) (deleted)

(b) (deleted)

(3) The Court may reject any document filed if there are errors or if the document does not comply with the Family Justice Rules, these Practice Directions or any directions made by the Court.

71B. Forms to be filed

(1) A medical report filed pursuant to rule 295H(1) of the Family Justice Rules shall be in Form 64G in Appendix A to these Practice Directions, with the necessary modifications.

(2) An interlocutory application in the proceedings shall in Form 64H in Appendix A to these Practice Directions.

71C. [deleted]


71D. Pre-hearing matters

(1) The applicant and respondent (if any) in the proceedings must inform the Court dealing with a case conference on the matter or the Judge presiding over the case of all relevant matters that may affect the hearing of the case including, but not limited to, the following matters:

(a) applications relating to the same vulnerable adult in other proceedings;

(b) related proceedings which are pending in any Court;

(c) the number and identity of the witnesses that will be called to give evidence and who had agreed to give evidence for the party concerned; and

(d) challenges to expert reports.

(2) The Court may, in its discretion, allow an unsworn statement to be filed for use at the hearing of the application in lieu of an affidavit.

(3) The applicant and respondent are to make their own arrangements for the witnesses they intend to call to give evidence at the hearing of the application, including applying for a Summons to a Witness where necessary.

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